Colaura Demi-permanent 6NR RAPTURE, Red Brown

Professional Product

COLAURA® by DESIGN ESSENTIALS® DEMI-PERMANENT CONDITIONING HAIR COLOR conditions and penetrates the hair shaft depositing color but does not lift or alter the natural color of the hair. Combined in equal parts with Colaura Aura Energizer Developer hair color lasts up to 20 shampoos.
  • Easy to mix Demi-Permanent conditioning color
  • Provides vibrant, long lasting results
  • Safe to use on same day as a chemical service
  • Covers up to 50% gray when following a relaxer
  • Wheat, Soy and Oat Amino Acids moisturizes, strengthens and seals the cuticles
  • Provides an intense shine
  • Ammonia-free
Additional Sizes Avail in Salon 
Only available as a service from your local professional stylist
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