Strengthening Therapy Transitioning Mousse

sts design essentialsThis new, amino-acid infused strengthening treatment is designed to silken and smooth naturally curly, multi-textured and frizzy hair types.  The Transitioning Mousse is a revolutionary product that is best for naturally curly or transitioning consumers seeking to maintain a smooth style. 
  • Significantly reduces hair swelling from root to tip
  • Honey and Sweet Almond Oil hydrates, nourishes and protects hair
  • Provides maximum smoothness and lasting strength
  • Lasts up to 12 weeks
How does Design Essentials® Strengthening Therapy Transitioning Mousse work:
  • Infuses the hair with a Botanical Restructuring Complex that tames, strengthens and conditions the hair 
  • Rich foam formula promotes fast, deep penetration for optimal results
  • Uses the lowest recommended heat setting (340°F – 400°F)  for hair health and preservation
Who is Design Essentials® Strengthening Therapy Transitioning Mousse for:
  • Great for transitioning clients who want to skip “the big chop”
  • Ideal for naturally curly clients who desire to wear their hair straight
  • Perfect for those seeking style preservation due to humidty, light sweats or workouts
If you have:
  • Untamed, unmanageable, uncooperative hair
  • Big hair - big “boofy”curls
  • Hair that is multi-textured naturally or due to relaxer transition      
  • Smooth styles that do not last throughout the day     
  • A lot of time invested in styling your hair daily
The Transitioning Mousse treatment will provide:
  • Smooth, sleek, silky hair
  • Reversion resistant styles lasting up to 12 weeks
  • Consistently smooth hair week after week
  • Styles that last from morning till night
  • Significantly less styling time each day  
With Design Essentials Strengthening® Therapy Transitioning Mousse, hair is noticeably stronger and more resilient with an intense luxurious shine.
To maintain your style at home, between salon visits, we recommend: